How to Find Someone Online with Just a First Name?

Many people underestimate how much information can be found about them on the Internet, knowing only their first and last name. And after all, anyone has access to this data! Because all the services discussed below are free and legal.

I'll tell you about the simplest ways to find out everything about a person by name.

How to Find People by Name on Social Networks

First of all, by name and surname, you can find a person in all popular social networks, of course, if he is registered there. You can then search for the person on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget that the name on the Internet may not coincide with the data in the passport. Therefore, consider this nuance.

And one more tip: when you find a profile in one social network, fill in the username in other services. It is quite possible that a person uses the same nickname everywhere.

How to Find Out What Kind of Business a Person Owns

The tax office has a service for finding entrepreneurs by first and last name. With the help of this information, we can find out what a person is doing approximately.

In addition, the TIN number is openly stored in the database. Its first four digits are the code of the department of the Federal Tax Service. We are looking for it in Google, and we find out in which city the person registered as an individual entrepreneur. Knowing a stranger's hometown will make it much easier to find it.

What Can be Found on Google

Search engines can produce interesting results. For example, sites and forums where a person is registered.

Thus, you can find a place of work, study and even mentions in the media. True, the latter will require a little more information.

Specialized Lookup Service

There are many specialized services on the Internet that search for people by name and other personal data. Due to their functionality and progressiveness, it is quite easy to find a person knowing only his name. Most often, for a professional search you will have to pay a certain amount, nevertheless, the search pays off. With the help of such services, you can find old friends and missing relatives, learn more about your neighbors and find information you are interested in about new employees when hiring.

If you only have the name of a person and you need to find any possible information about him, then such a search will cost some money. In particular, professional search resources can provide information of interest about a person, based only on his name and your oral or written data as a tip.

Search Methods Requiring Payment

On the Internet, you can find many services that charge a fee for finding people by name and other personal information. Most often, such services use law enforcement or bank databases. Access to them requires certain connections or official requests, which also require payment.

Despite the need to contribute funds for the use of these search tools, their effectiveness is quite high. With the help of banking databases, in particular, it is possible to find people by the latest records of the use of credit or debit cards. This allows you to track your current location, phone number, and other data to help you determine your current location.

Even more data can be obtained by querying police stations. However, such search methods require good reasons. In particular, they are used in the event of a loss of a loved one. Also, inquiries to the police stations can be carried out if there is a question of dividing the inheritance - in this case, the lawyers responsible for the process of transferring the property of the deceased may urgently demand to find a certain person.