Property Records

Finding relatives or longtime friends can be greatly facilitated by public records search. If the sought people have movable or immovable property, then records about it will be entered into the general database. Searching such databases is one of the main tools for finding people.

What are Property Records?

Acts of property, or property records, are legal documents that transfer ownership of real estate from one party to the other. This information is often contained in public records and can be disclosed in the process of searching for a person.

Using a search on public records in the United States, you can find information about the owners of certain real estate objects, patents, and intellectual property objects. Thanks to the meticulous keeping of archival records, each owner of a particular property can be found in a matter of seconds using an appropriate lookup service.

The deeds indicate the person who granted the ownership, indicating the date when both parties transferred the rights to real estate. Different countries have radically different requirements for the types of documents that a party can use to transfer interests in real estate.

At the moment, there are many different types of documents — the most common are general guarantees, special guarantees, documents on the issue and termination of the right of claim. Due to the storage of such documents for a long time, you can use them to find a relative or another person you need to find.

Most often, it is the documents on the availability of real estate that are required. They are required as collateral in the case of taking out a loan and registering a mortgage. In addition, it is the real estate documents that contain the most useful information for search engines.

Additionally, patent rights documents for certain inventions will be useful for search services. They are stored in separate archives, and more often than not, access to them is not burdened with unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

Property Records Reverse Search

Searching for people by deeds of ownership is a fairly convenient and quick process, in comparison with other types of people searches. Due to the presence of detailed personal information, such documents contain enough data to successfully find people — their approval often requires an indication of the current location, contact phone number, registration address. This information will be more than enough to establish the current location of your longtime friend, relative or ex-wife.

Search services on the Internet use property records when it is required to find the current location of a person. Real estate records contain information about the person's current residence and registration address. This is extremely useful information, for example, if you are going to hold a grand wedding ceremony and need to find friends with whom you have long lost contact. In this case, having only a name, you can contact the appropriate people search service and use it to find the current place of residence of your old acquaintances. You can also find a phone number there. 

When Else are Property Records Required?

Property records, in addition to finding people, may be required in other situations. There are many precedents for raising archival records of property, among them:

  • Boundary dispute resolution (for example, some records can serve as a marker for boundary lines);
  • Clarification of rights to property in public use (this applies to intellectual property and rented machinery or equipment);
  • Resolution of disputes related to wills, inheritance, shares of property;
  • Eliminate any mortgage and foreclosure issues.