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Alabama is the 25th most populated US state. There are over 5 million people and about 1.8 million households. According to the data, the average household size was 2.55 in 2018. If you need to find or check out someone in Alabama, you can use White Pages. It is a good and easy way to get data free. But you should pay for getting the detailed information.

The predominant race in Alabama is white, making up 65.5%. The average age is 38.9 and the balance between men and women is 48.4% to 51.6%. Birmingham is the most populated city in Alabama. There are over 210,000 citizens.

People below 25 make up 32.1% and people over 65 make up 16.5%. The popularity growth is very low, it is below 0.5% per year. There are about 2 million workers in Alabama. The average household annual income is $48,123 and the annual income growth is about 4%.

Alabama is famous for its colleges and universities. There are different degree programs from two-year associate degrees to a multitude of doctoral level programs.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa 9,088 66% 53% Business
Columbia Southern University Orange Beach 7,424 47% N/A Business
Auburn University Auburn 6,421 71% 81% Biomedical Sciences

Alabama Real Estate

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The average home value increase is 3.5% per year. So, it was possible to buy property for $141,300 in 2017, with the median price per square foot at $66. That is a rather low price, that’s why it is a good chance to invest in Alabama property. The average rent is $747 and it is below the national rate. The average listing price is $219,900, but you can decrease it up to $160,000 while negotiating.

Hoover is the most popular city of Alabama. Its property is about $275,000.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Hoover $271,600 $81,038
Huntsville $169,900 $51,926
Mobile $120,800 $40,020
Montgomery $118,000 $44,339
Birmingham $86,900 $33,770

Alabama Facts

Official Name: Alabama

Name Meaning: Name comes from the Choctow word alba meaning “plants” and amo meaning “to cut” and together it means “clearers of the thicket.”

Nickname: Cotton State or Heart of Dixie

Statehood: December 14, 1819 (22nd State)

Capital: Montgomery

Total Number of Counties: 67

Largest City: Birmingham

Largest County (by population): Jefferson

Population (as of 2018): 4,887,871


The first European explorers were from Spain. They arrived in the Alabama area in the 16th century. Just 160 years later French could found the first European settlement. The Alabama territory was divided between Spain and the US after the American Revolutionary War. The territory was officially established on March 3, 1817 by the U.S. Congress. It was the 22nd US state on December 14, 1819. The economy of Alabama was agricultural before World War II, but it was generated by the automotive manufacturing industry in 1990s. The fact lets to introduce new jobs and many people moved here. Alabama is the 24th most populated US state and it is 30th largest state. Alabama's size is 52,419 sq. miles. The state is 190 miles in width and 330 miles in length.

  • According to the data, about 20 million tourists visit Alabama every year. The most popular places are the Gulf of Mexico, Huntsville, the state’s capitol, and other locations.

  • Government controls the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

  • The oldest state-funded archival agency in the U.S. is the Alabama Department of Archives.

  • The first Electric Trolley System was launched in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1886.

  • Alabama is the leader of producing cast iron and steel pipe products in the US.

  • Russel Cave is near Bridgeport, Alabama. That is an important archaeological prove of thousands of years of human use from 10,000 BC to 1650 AD.

  • The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center is the largest NASA center in the U.S. It is in Huntsville, Alabama. The center works with Saturn launch vehicles for the Apollo Moon program. It also takes part in developing and construction of Space Shuttle components, International Space Station and other projects. 

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Michael Smith (146 persons)
James Smith (137 persons)
David Smith (129 persons)
James Johnson (120 persons)
James Williams (115 persons)
John Smith (112 persons)
Michael Johnson (106 persons)
David Jones (99 persons)
James Jones (97 persons)
Robert Smith (96 persons)
Michael Jones (95 persons)
David Johnson (94 persons)
John Williams (90 persons)
Mary Smith (87 persons)
Jennifer Smith (86 persons)
Michael Williams (85 persons)
Robert Johnson (84 persons)
David Williams (83 persons)
Linda Smith (79 persons)
Charles Smith (79 persons)
Robert Jones (79 persons)
Mary Williams (78 persons)
Robert Williams (77 persons)
William Johnson (76 persons)
Mae Fannie (75 persons)
Jason Smith (75 persons)
James Brown (74 persons)
William Smith (71 persons)
Linda Williams (70 persons)
James Thomas (69 persons)
James Davis (69 persons)
James E Smith (69 persons)
Michael Brown (67 persons)
Angela Smith (64 persons)
Jennifer Johnson (64 persons)
Richard Smith (64 persons)
Jennifer Jones (63 persons)
John Davis (63 persons)
Patricia Williams (62 persons)
John Jones (61 persons)
Mary Jones (61 persons)
William Jones (61 persons)
James E Williams (60 persons)
Kenneth Smith (60 persons)
Timothy Smith (60 persons)
Patricia A Smith (60 persons)
Brian Smith (60 persons)
David Wilson (60 persons)
Donna Smith (60 persons)
Charles Williams (59 persons)
James Harris (59 persons)
Michael Thomas (58 persons)
Amanda Smith (58 persons)
Mary Johnson (58 persons)
Linda Johnson (57 persons)
Linda Jones (57 persons)
Larry Smith (57 persons)
Mary Brown (57 persons)
Robert Brown (57 persons)
Barbara Smith (57 persons)