California is one of the most populated US states. Many people move here for a new life. Moreover, that is one of the most developed states. So, while using Whochs White Pages, you can find people easily. It is just necessary to use the free service and write down the name, phone number, zip code or address to get the report. According to the number of people in California, you can get several individuals, who satisfy your demands. Then you should read the bio to understand who is the person you need. Public Records use different sources to make data actual:

1425 Cities found in California


Top Cities

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Notable People from California Notable Work/Position Born
Ansel Adams Photographer and environmentalist San Francisco, CA
Sally Ride Physicist, engineer, and astronaut; 1st American woman in space Los Angeles, CA
Julia Child Chef, author, and television entertainer Pasadena, CA
Steve Jobs CEO and co-founder of Apple, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Richard Nixon 37th President of the US (resigned) Yorba Linda, CA
Cherilyn (Cher) Sarkisian Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award-winning entertainer El Centro, CA
George Lucas Filmmaker and founder of Lucasfilm Ltd. and the Star Wars franchise Modesto, CA
Bruce Lee Actor, director, philosopher and founder of Jeet Kune Do San Francisco, CA

Searching for Someone in California

California is in 1st place according to the population. There are over 39 million people. That’s why, if you need to find someone, it is better to use White Pages. The service will let you get the report easily. There are 13 million households in California. The average household size is 2.96 members. While searching someone, it is better to consider the age, gender, and demographic of your subject to ensure you’re on the right track.

The predominant race in California is white. There are 41% of white people. The average age is 36.5 and 50.3% are women. Los Angeles is the most populated city in California. More than 4 million people can name it as their home.

The economy of California employs nearly 17.5 million people. The average income is $71,805. The most developed spheres are trade, transportation, utilities, government, professional and business services, education and health providers, and leisure and hospitality services.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of Southern California Los Angeles 15,664 90.8% 11% Business Management
Ashford University San Diego 13,260 48.6% 90% Business Admin
UCLA Los Angeles 12,961 91% 18% Biology, Business

California Real Estate

White Pages also let to know more about property, but not only about people. It is really necessary, if you are going to visit California and rent or purchase property. Due to the website, it is possible to know more about neighbors and barriers to make a deal with property owners.

Home value in California is growing annually. The average value growth is 2,6%. The average price for a house is $509,400 and the median price per square foot at $321. You will pay about $2,750 for rent. The average listing price is $539,000 and you can negotiate with the owner to decrease the price. According to the practice, you can purchase property even for $493,000.

The most expensive property is in San Francisco. Average home value is $1,353,500.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
San Francisco $1,194,300 $103,801
San Jose $877,400 $83,400
Oakland $680,100 $52,962
Los Angeles $629,900 $55,909
San Diego $572,100 $63,400

California Facts

Official Name: California

Name Meaning: California was named by the Spanish Conquistadors exploring the Pacific coast. Believing the land to be an island, they named it after Califia, a paradise island popularized in Spanish romantic fiction.

Nickname: The Golden State

Constitution Ratified: 1850

Statehood: September 9, 1859 (31st State)

Capital: Sacramento

Total Number of Counties: 58

Largest City: Los Angeles

Largest County (by population): Los Angeles 

Population (as of 2018): 39.557 million

History: The California territory was occupied by Native Americans. But everything started to change since 1542. Europeans founded their settlements and tried to kick out the Native settlers. Spanish could take the territory under control in 1789. They have built forts and missions. The Independence war in Mexico was the reason to make California free from Spanish. The American pioneers migrated to the region in search of a better life and they tried to change Mexican government here. Mexican-American war ended in 1948 and Mexico transferred California to the USA. It became the 31 state of the US on September, 9 1950. California is the 3rd place in the US according to the territory. The state is approximately 250 miles in width and 770 miles in length.

  • California is the only state which hosted the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

  • The lowest and highest points of the USA are in California. The distance among it is only 76 miles. These are Mt. Whitney and Death Valley.

  • The Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural outdoor amphitheater In the USA and it is located in California.

  • There is the oldest tree in the country in the Sequoia National Park. It is called “General Sherman”. The tree is 102 feet in circumference and it is 2500 years old.

  • There are palm trees and pine trees in the center of California. The trees are symbols of Southern and Northern California.

  • If you are on the Mt. Diablo on a clear day, you could see 40 of 58 state’s countries.

  • The Mai Tai was created in California, but not in the South Pacific. It was in 1944 at Trader Vic’s in Oakland.

  • Many people believe that Mark Twain told “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”, but he didn’t tell it in reality. 

Top Names

Maria Hernandez (1,457 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (1,319 persons)
Maria Lopez (1,305 persons)
Maria Garcia (1,274 persons)
Maria Gonzalez (1,245 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (1,191 persons)
Jose Hernandez (1,172 persons)
Maria Martinez (1,154 persons)
Jose Garcia (1,080 persons)
Jose Martinez (1,034 persons)
Maria Ramirez (992 persons)
Jose Gonzalez (977 persons)
Maria Sanchez (959 persons)
Maria Perez (924 persons)
Jose Lopez (922 persons)
Jose Ramirez (833 persons)
Jose Perez (772 persons)
Juan Hernandez (766 persons)
Juan Rodriguez (736 persons)
Juan Garcia (733 persons)
Jose Sanchez (678 persons)
Maria Flores (649 persons)
Maria Gutierrez (633 persons)
Juan Martinez (610 persons)
Maria Gomez (604 persons)
Jesus Garcia (601 persons)
Juan Lopez (598 persons)
Maria Torres (592 persons)
Juan Gonzalez (580 persons)
Maria Mendoza (572 persons)
Jose Gutierrez (558 persons)
Jose Flores (552 persons)
Maria Diaz (552 persons)
Jesus Rodriguez (524 persons)
Jesus Hernandez (507 persons)
Jose Torres (505 persons)
Maria Chavez (498 persons)
Maria Reyes (494 persons)
Jesus Lopez (492 persons)
Maria Alvarez (489 persons)
Juan Ramirez (487 persons)
Maria Jimenez (483 persons)
Jesus Gonzalez (479 persons)
Carlos Hernandez (471 persons)
Carlos Garcia (460 persons)
Jose Gomez (460 persons)
David Garcia (457 persons)
Daniel Garcia (456 persons)
Juan Perez (453 persons)
Jesus Martinez (450 persons)
Carlos Lopez (449 persons)
Jose Jimenez (440 persons)
Maria Ruiz (439 persons)
Carlos Martinez (438 persons)
Carlos Gonzalez (437 persons)
Luis Hernandez (432 persons)
Maria Morales (432 persons)
Juan Sanchez (429 persons)
Maria Ramos (426 persons)
Maria Cruz (419 persons)