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Notable People from IdahoNotable Work/PositionBorn
Lillian DisneyInk artist and philanthropistSpalding, ID
SacagaweaExplorer, member of the Lewis and Clark expeditionSalmon, ID
Picabo StreetWorld Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalistTriumph, ID
W. Mark FeltWatergate informant "Deep Throat", FBI Associate DirectorTwin Falls, ID
Linda Moulton HoweInvestigative journalist and Regional Emmy award-winning filmmakerBoise, ID
Isabella BoylstonPrincipal dancer with the ABTSun Valley, ID

Searching for Someone in Idaho

Idaho is the 39th most populated state in the U. There are over 1.7 million people and over 610,000 households. The official data of 2017 declared that the average household size was 2.7 this year. If you are going to find someone or check a new staff member, you can use White Pages free or for some fee.

The predominant race in Idaho is white, making up 91% of the state’s population. 49.9% of the population are women and 50.1% are men. The average age is 36. Boise is the most populated city of the start. It is a home for 221,000 citizens.

Labor force includes 742,000 workers. Their average income is $52,225. It is less than the national rate. The most developed industries are agriculture, food processing, lumber and wood products, silver and other mining, and tourism.

Many people move to Idaho for graduation. There are a lot of private and public colleges and institutions in the state.

Top 3 SchoolsCity# of GraduatesGraduation RateAcceptance RateMost Popular Degrees
Brigham-Young UniversityRexburg8,53444.1%95%Business
Boise State UniversityBoise4,32238.7%81%Nursing / Health Admin
University of IdahoMoscow2,70056.1%75%Psychology / Engineering

Idaho Real Estate

White Pages can help you know about property in Idaho. If you want to purchase or rent a home here, you should use the service to know more about the owner and neighbors. The information will help to understand whether you should purchase or rent the home or it is better to find another one.     It is free, easy and fast.

According to the statistics, the average home value is increasing fast. In 2019 the growth was 9% and the total growth for several years is 17%. So, if you are interested in investments, you can purchase property here because the growth is still high. The average home value is $265,000, with the median price per square foot at $164. After purchasing property you could earn money with rent. Its rate is about $1,350. Listing price is $310,500, but it is always possible to decrease it while negotiating with the owner.

Sun Valley is the city with the most expensive property. The average price is $724,000.

CityAvg. Home ValueAvg. Household Income
Sun Valley$721,100$59,783

Idaho Facts

  • Official Name: Idaho

  • Name Meaning: Historians believe that the state name Idaho was actually an invented word created by mining lobbyist George Willing. Willing was a delegate to Congress trying to establish a new mining territory in the area. He claimed that “Idaho” was a Shoshone phrase meaning “Gem of the Mountains.” By the time his deception was discovered, the name was already established.

  • Nickname: The Gem State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1889

  • Statehood: July 3, 1890 (43rd State)

  • Capital: Boise

  • Total Number of Counties: 44

  • Largest City: Boise

  • Largest County (by population): Ada

  • Population (as of 2018): 1.754 million

  • History: There were a lot of Native American tribes on the area of Idaho. But the first European explorers have changed everything. The territory was divided between the US and Great Britain. According to the Oregon Treaty, Idaho became part of the US in 1846. The population boom was since 1863. It is the year when people could find gold here. So, the US government solved to make Idaho a separate territory. It became the 43rd state on July 3rd, 1890.

Fast Facts

  • The “Smurf Turf” is the only blue football field. It belongs to the Boise State University Broncos.

  • Idaho’s state seal was designed by a woman.

  • C’ouer D’Alene Resort Golf Course is the only retractable floating golf course in the world.

  • Heaven’s Gate Lookout is a great place, where you can see the Hells Canyon. The problem is that you must go through the Seven Devils campground to get there.

  • Idaho is also called the “gem state”. There are 72 precious and semi-precious gemstones mined. Star garnets can be found here. Another place with it is India.

  • Idaho Potato Museum in Pocatello has the world’s largest potato chip.

  • Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America. That is at 7,993 feet.

  • The Idaho State Capitol is the only capitol building of the US, that is heated with geothermal energy.

Top Names

Maria Martinez (30 persons)
David Smith (27 persons)
Michael Johnson (27 persons)
Michael Smith (27 persons)
James Miller (25 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (24 persons)
Maria Hernandez (24 persons)
Juan Martinez (24 persons)
Jose Martinez (23 persons)
Robert Smith (23 persons)
David Johnson (22 persons)
Robert Davis (22 persons)
Jose Garcia (21 persons)
James Smith (21 persons)
Jason Smith (20 persons)
David Jones (20 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (19 persons)
Richard Johnson (19 persons)
Jose Hernandez (18 persons)
Michael Miller (18 persons)
Mark Smith (18 persons)
Robert Johnson (18 persons)
Jennifer Jones (17 persons)
David Williams (17 persons)
Jose Juarez (17 persons)
Maria Garcia (17 persons)
Robert Miller (17 persons)
John Miller (17 persons)
Jose Gonzalez (17 persons)
John Smith (16 persons)
Michael Jones (16 persons)
Jessica Taylor (16 persons)
Eric Johnson (16 persons)
Jose Sanchez (16 persons)
Jose Lopez (16 persons)
Scott Smith (16 persons)
Mark Johnson (16 persons)
Steven Smith (15 persons)
Michael Anderson (15 persons)
Steven Johnson (15 persons)
Robert Peterson (15 persons)
Juan Hernandez (15 persons)
John Jones (15 persons)
Joshua Smith (15 persons)
David Anderson (15 persons)
Juan Garcia (15 persons)
Robert Allen (15 persons)
Jennifer Smith (15 persons)
Jose Ramirez (15 persons)
Richard Smith (15 persons)
James Moore (14 persons)
Scott Anderson (14 persons)
Ryan Smith (14 persons)
William Johnson (14 persons)
David A Smith (14 persons)
Maria Lopez (14 persons)
Jennifer Brown (14 persons)
James Wilson (14 persons)
Julie A Johnson (13 persons)
Juan Rodriguez (13 persons)