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Notable People from Indiana Notable Work/Position
Wilbur Wright With his brother Orville Wright, they were two American aviation pioneers credited with inventing, building and flying the world’s first successful airplane.
William Henry Harrison 9th President of the United States (1841). Died of illness 31 days into his term becoming the first president to die in office.
Gus Grissom One of NASA’s seven original “Project Mercury” Astronauts. He was also a “Project Gemini” and Apollo program Astronaut.
Jane Pauley An American television journalist and author. Anchor of CBS Sunday Morning show, 13 year position on NBC’s Today Show, and co-host for 12 years on Dateline NBC.
Larry Bird An American former basketball player, former coach, and most recently served as President of Basketball Operations for the NBA Indiana Pacers.
Janet Jackson An American singer, songwriter and dancer. A prominent figure in pop culture, and sister of Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson An American singer, songwriter and dancer. Named the “King of Pop,” and is regarded as one of greatest entertainers of all time.

Searching for Someone in Indiana

There are 6,7 million people and 2,5 million households in Indiana. The state is 17th most populated in the US. So, if you need to find someone, it is better to use White Pages. The service will help you to do it really fast and free. But if you need the detailed info, you will need to pay a bit.

The predominant race in Indiana is white. There are about 80% of people who are white. The average age is 37.7 years old. The balance of men and women is 49,3%/50,7%. Indianapolis is the most populated city, there are about 860,000 people.

Persons below 25 make up 27% and persons over 65 make up over 15%. Indiana population growth is low, that is below 0.6%. There are 3,05 million workers and some of them work in education. The sphere is the most developed here. There are several best universities and colleges in the US. These are University of Notre Dame, Indiana University – Bloomington, and Purdue University. The Ivy Tech Community College and so on. According to the statistics, the average annual income of household is $54,181 with annual grow 3.5%

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
Ivy Tech Community College Lawrenceburg 19,383 19% 100% Humanities
Indiana University Bloomington 11,513 76% 79% Business
Purdue University West Lafayette 6,570 56% 72% Business

Indiana Real Estate

White Pages can help you know more about property. So, if you are going to move to Indiana, it is better to read attentively about your future neighbors. The data could let you know more about the current district. That’s why it would be easier to solve whether you are ready to purchase or rent the house.

The average home value increasing is 4,5% annually. It was possible to purchase it for $141,100 in 2017, with the median price per square foot at $79. It was a really low price in compliance with the price in other states. Rent is also cheap and the average rate is $782 only. It is lower than the national rate. People, who are going to move to Indiana, have to choose property via magazines and websites. The listing price is $189,900, but you can easily decrease it.

Carmel is the city with the most expensive property. It was possible to purchase a home for $321,000 in 2017.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Carmel $320,400 $109,201
Bloomington $176,300 $33,172
Fort Wayne $117,900 $46,599
Evansville $89,700 $36,956
Elkhart $87,700 $37,121

Indiana Facts

  • Official Name: Indiana

  • Name Meaning: “Land of the Indians”

  • Nickname: The Hoosier State

  • Statehood: December 11, 1816 (19th State)

  • Capital: Indianapolis

  • Total Number of Counties: 92

  • Largest City: Indianapolis

  • Largest County (by population): Marion

  • Population (as of 2018): 6,691,878

  • History: There was the Congress solution to create Indiana in 1800. Earlier it was a part of Ohio state. It is interesting that Indiana originally was larger, but its territories were given to Michigan and Illinois. Then Indiana could get the current size and configuration. Indiana was the 19th state of the US on December 11, 1816. The majority of the population were immigrants from Germany, Ireland and England. They moved here in the 19th century to find a better life. The state government tried to make Indiana really powerful and economically strong. It could be realized in the early 20th century only. The state was the leader in auto, steel, and pharmaceutical industries in the 1960s. Indiana is the 17th most populated state and 38th largest US state. It is over 46,000 sq. miles. That is 140 miles in width and 270 miles in length.

  • There are more than 1 time zone in Indiana, like in 12 other US states. 80 countries live in eastern time and only 12 countries are in Central time.

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division is the 3rd largest naval installation in the world and it is 25 miles southwest of Bloomington, Indiana.

  • Memorial Day in Indianapolis is traditionally marked with the “Indianapolis 500”. It is a famous auto race for 500 miles.

  • Football and basketball are the most developed in Indiana. There are several professional teams in the state.

  • There are 7 companies from the list Fortune 500 in Indiana, including the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company.

  • Over half of Indiana borders are water. It is more than 400 miles of access to freight transportation arteries.

  • Santa Claus, Indiana, gets over 500,000 letters every year by Christmas time. 

Top Names

David Smith (135 persons)
Michael Smith (126 persons)
John Smith (108 persons)
David Miller (105 persons)
Michael Johnson (98 persons)
Robert Smith (96 persons)
Jennifer Smith (95 persons)
James Smith (87 persons)
David Johnson (85 persons)
Patricia A Smith (83 persons)
William Smith (82 persons)
James Johnson (82 persons)
David Jones (77 persons)
James Miller (77 persons)
David Brown (75 persons)
Michael Miller (74 persons)
David Williams (73 persons)
John Miller (73 persons)
Robert Jones (70 persons)
Mark A Smith (70 persons)
Michael Williams (70 persons)
Michael Jones (67 persons)
Brian Smith (66 persons)
Robert Johnson (65 persons)
Jason Smith (65 persons)
Robert L Smith (65 persons)
Charles Smith (64 persons)
Michelle Smith (63 persons)
James Brown (63 persons)
Linda Smith (63 persons)
James Williams (63 persons)
Robert Williams (62 persons)
Richard Smith (62 persons)
Mark Smith (61 persons)
Jessica Smith (60 persons)
Robert Brown (60 persons)
Jose Garcia (59 persons)
Michael L Smith (59 persons)
Mary Smith (59 persons)
John Johnson (58 persons)
Michael Moore (58 persons)
Patricia A Miller (58 persons)
Michael Brown (57 persons)
Mark Miller (57 persons)
Jennifer Jones (57 persons)
James Davis (57 persons)
Melissa Smith (57 persons)
Mary Miller (56 persons)
David L Smith (55 persons)
Scott Smith (55 persons)
Jose Hernandez (55 persons)
Lisa Smith (55 persons)
Michael Davis (54 persons)
Robert Miller (54 persons)
Michael D Smith (53 persons)
Scott Miller (53 persons)
Maria Hernandez (53 persons)
Robert Davis (53 persons)
Amy Smith (53 persons)
James Jones (53 persons)