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Notable People from Maryland Notable Work/Position
Thurgood Marshall First African American Supreme Court Justice, lead counsel Brown vs. Board of Education landmark desegregation case
Rachel Carson Conservationist, marine biologist whose book Silent Spring launched a global environmental movement
Tom Clancy Best-selling author known for espionage and military novels
Harriet Tubman Abolitionist, called “Moses” for her pivotal role in transporting slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad
Cal Ripken Jr. Major League Baseball legendary shortstop and third baseman who played 21 seasons for the Baltimore Orioles
Jada Pinkett Smith Film, television actress, singer, businesswoman
Ira Glass Public Radio entertainer, host and producer of NPR’s This American Life
Nancy Pelosi First woman elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007; re-elected Speaker in 2019

Searching for Someone in Maryland

Due to the fact that Maryland is the 19th most populated US state, it can be difficult to find someone here. But you can use White Pages and write down the information you know. So, the result will give you one or several people. It will be necessary to read a bio to understand who is needed. The total population of the state was 6,04 million people in 2017 and the number of households was 2 million. Its size was 2,7 members.

The predominant race in Maryland is white, making up 50.9% of the population. The average age is 38.7. According to the data, there are 51,5% of women and 48,5% of men. Baltimore is the most populated city of the state.

There are about 3 million workers and their average income is $80,776. The most developed economy sectors are transportation by rail, port, and trucking, agriculture, fishing, biotechnology, and tourism.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
Univ. of Maryland-Univ. College Adelphi 12,025 26% 100% Info Sciences, Biology, Econ.
Univ. of Maryland-Coll. Park College Park 1,462 85% 48% Biology, Computer Engineering
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore 8,437 93% 13% Public Health, Bio Engineering

Maryland Real Estate

White Pages would be useful to understand whether you need to purchase the current property or not. It will try to know more about the potential neighbors and even about the owner. Also you could get some information about the current district.

Property in Maryland is increasing permanently. The annual growth is about 3% and 8% in 2019. The average home value is $290,000 with the median price per square foot at $189. It is possible to rent a house for $1,700. That is almost equal to the national rate. Listing property price is $325,000, but it is possible to negotiate and make a deal for $272,000.

Annapolis is the most attractive city for the investments. That’s why the average property price here is $400,000.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Annapolis $400,000 $75,320
Silver Spring $390,100 $72,289
Columbia $344,900 $103,707
Bowie $333,100 $108,637

Maryland Facts

  • Official Name: Maryland

  • Name Meaning: George Calvert, who founded the territory, was granted a colonial charter from King Charles 1 of England in 1632. He requested the colony be named for his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria (Queen Mary).

  • Nickname: The Old Line State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1788

  • Statehood: April 28, 1788 (7th State)

  • Capital: Annapolis

  • Total Number of Counties: 23

  • Largest City: Baltimore

  • Largest County (by population): Montgomery County

  • Population (as of 2018): 6,042,718

  • History: Maryland is the territory, where there were a lot of Native American tribes. They have been living here till the European explorers. King Charles I of England granted George Calvert, a royal charter for the colony of Maryland in 1632. Maryland is the territory for Catholics. They were a minority and people who follow Catholicism were in danger. According to the historical data, the part of Catholics was 10% only in American colonies. Many people arrived in Maryland (even from Virginia). Basically, they were Puritans and the fact was the reason for the religious conflicts. In spite of the conflicts, Maryland joined other American colonies and declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. . Maryland soldiers were called the “Maryland Line” for their fierce fighting reputation. George Washington called them “Old Line”, which is how the state got its nickname!

  • Maryland was the first American state, where was adopted an official sport. That is a surprise, that the sport was jousting.

  • There are no natural lakes in Maryland. All the lakes were created by damming rivers.

  • Judges on the Maryland Court of Appeals, which is the highest state court, wear red or scarlet robes.

  • The first American umbrella factory was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1828.

  • The national American song was composed by Francis Scott Key in 1814. He was inspired by the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the Baltimore Harbor.

  • University of Maryland was the first in the US, where dental college was launched. It was in 1840.

  • The Baltimore Ravens football was named due to the poem “The Raven”. It was written by  Edgar Allan Poe, who lived in Baltimore.

  • The city of Havre de Grace has the decoy museum. It is an interesting place, where you can know more about faux waterfowl.

Top Names

Michael Johnson (105 persons)
John Smith (100 persons)
Michael Smith (99 persons)
Robert Smith (95 persons)
Patricia A Smith (84 persons)
James Smith (77 persons)
James Johnson (76 persons)
Michael Jones (75 persons)
Patricia A Brown (73 persons)
Michael Brown (72 persons)
Brian Smith (66 persons)
Jose Hernandez (65 persons)
Patricia A Johnson (61 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (61 persons)
Robert Williams (61 persons)
James Jones (60 persons)
David Smith (59 persons)
Michael Williams (59 persons)
Robert Jones (57 persons)
David Williams (57 persons)
William Brown (56 persons)
Robert Johnson (55 persons)
Patricia A Jones (54 persons)
Maria Hernandez (53 persons)
James Williams (52 persons)
Jose Martinez (52 persons)
David Brown (52 persons)
David Jones (52 persons)
Michelle Smith (52 persons)
William Johnson (51 persons)
James Brown (51 persons)
Jose Lopez (51 persons)
Charles Johnson (49 persons)
Jennifer Smith (49 persons)
Michael Davis (48 persons)
Michael A Smith (48 persons)
Jose Garcia (48 persons)
Michelle Johnson (48 persons)
Maria Martinez (47 persons)
Mary Smith (47 persons)
Jose Reyes (47 persons)
David Johnson (47 persons)
Patricia A Davis (47 persons)
Eric Johnson (47 persons)
Mary Johnson (47 persons)
Michael A Johnson (46 persons)
Patricia A Miller (46 persons)
Mary E Smith (46 persons)
William Smith (46 persons)
David Miller (45 persons)
Nicole Smith (45 persons)
Kevin Jones (45 persons)
John Williams (45 persons)
Charles Smith (45 persons)
Michael A Brown (44 persons)
Mark Smith (44 persons)
Joseph Smith (44 persons)
Jose Cruz (44 persons)
Charles Brown (43 persons)
Lisa Williams (43 persons)