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Notable People from Maine Notable Work/Position
Stephen King Author of horror, suspense, and supernatural fiction
Margaret Chase Smith First woman to serve in both chambers of U.S. Congress
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Famous poet, educator, and translator
Anna Kendrick Academy award-nominated actress and singer
Kevin Eastman Comic book artist, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Joan Benoit Olympic gold medalist in the first women’s marathon event
Edmund Muskie 64th Governor of Maine, U.S. Senator, 58th U.S. Secretary of State who negotiated the release of 52 Americans, ending the Iran hostage crisis

Searching for Someone in Maine

Maine is the 42nd most populated state in the US. Its population is over 1.3 million people and there are over 550,000 households. According to the statistics, the average household size was 2.3 members in 2017. So, you should use White Pages service if you need to find someone. It is easy and free.

The predominant race in Maine is white, making up 93.3% of the state’s population. The average age is 44.6 and it is more than in most US states. Women make up 51% of the population and men make up 49% of the population. Portland is the most populated city of the state. It is home for about 68,000 people.

Labor force is about 615,000 people. The average household income is $53,000 per year. The most developed economic sectors are fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, manufacturing, and financial services.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of Maine Orono 2,236 60.0% 90.0% Business Mgmt. & Mktg.
Univ. of Southern Maine Portland 1,939 33.8% 80.2% Business Mgmt. & Mktg.
Univ. of New England Biddeford 1,771 58.9% 83.1% Business, Education

Maine Real Estate

If you are going to move to Maine, you should check out your future neighbors and the property owner. It will help you to know the district better. There are some reasons to make check out:

  • to know more about neighbors;

  • to check out owner;

  • to read about fires;

  • to know about barriers for deals.

Whenever you are going to purchase or rent a home, you should make the check out.

According to the data, the average home value increase is about 5.5% per year. It was 2.6% growth in 2019. The average price of the property is about $235,000, with the median price per square foot at $166. Rent is about $1,800 and it is about equal to the national rate. Listing price is over $250,000. You should negotiate with the owner to decrease the property price.

Portland is the city with the highest price for the property. It is possible to purchase it for $365,000.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Portland $261,100 $51,430
South Portland $235,700 $59,515
Westbrook $216,400 $51,062
Biddeford $211,800 $49,812

Maine Facts

  • Official Name: Maine

  • Name Meaning: There is no consensus as to how the state of Maine received its name. The prevailing theories involve French and English origins. Some believe that the state was named after a French province, since the first European settlement in Maine was established by French colonists. Others believe that English explorers, who also settled in the area, used the term “mainland” to distinguish their land from the multiple islands off the coastline. The conclusion is that the name “Maine” is simply a derivation of the nautical term “mainland” or “main land.”

  • Nickname: The Pine Tree State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1820

  • Statehood: March 15, 1820 (23rd State)

  • Capital: Augusta

  • Total Number of Counties: 16

  • Largest City: Portland

  • Largest County (by population): Cumberland County

  • Population (as of 2018): 1,338,404

  • History: It was a home for many Native American tribes. They lived here before the European explorers. The English arrived here in 1604. According to the data, French founded the first settlement in the territory now known as Maine. The English founded the colony too in 1607. As a result, France and Great Britain fought for territory governance for many years. The area became part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1652. It was so till 1820, when Maine became the 23rd US state. It was on March 15, 1820. Maine could separate from Massachusetts in 1819.

Fast Facts

  • About 90% of all lobsters are supplied by Maine. They are caught off the coast of Maine.

  • Maine is the only US state with a border with one other US state.

  • West Quoddy Head, Lubec, Maine, is the easternmost point of the contiguous US.

  • The first naval battle of the American Revolutionary War was near to Machias, Maine.

  • Maine is the only state with a monosyllabic name.

  • Maine is the key supplier of blueberries in the US. The state proved 99% of it.

  • The first inhabitants of the area were hunters from the Ice Age.

  • Strong, Maine, was known as the “toothpick capital of the world”. 90% of the goods for the US market are still produced here.

Top Names

David Smith (54 persons)
Michael Smith (52 persons)
Richard Smith (36 persons)
Linda Smith (35 persons)
Robert Smith (29 persons)
David Brown (29 persons)
David Johnson (29 persons)
Michael Brown (29 persons)
James Smith (27 persons)
James Brown (27 persons)
David Baker (27 persons)
Michael Johnson (26 persons)
Stephen Smith (26 persons)
William Smith (26 persons)
Robert Johnson (25 persons)
Matthew Smith (24 persons)
Robert Brown (24 persons)
Scott Smith (24 persons)
Mark Smith (24 persons)
Nancy Smith (23 persons)
Gary Smith (23 persons)
John Martin (23 persons)
John Johnson (23 persons)
John Murphy (23 persons)
David Clark (23 persons)
Paul Smith (23 persons)
Patricia Smith (22 persons)
Robert Davis (22 persons)
Brian Smith (22 persons)
Jennifer Smith (22 persons)
David White (21 persons)
Robert Young (21 persons)
Michael Roy (21 persons)
John Smith (21 persons)
Richard Martin (21 persons)
Barbara Smith (20 persons)
Susan Smith (20 persons)
David Allen (20 persons)
David Martin (20 persons)
Richard Clark (20 persons)
Amy Smith (20 persons)
James Johnson (20 persons)
Thomas Smith (20 persons)
Peter Smith (20 persons)
S Smith (19 persons)
Scott Brown (19 persons)
James Davis (19 persons)
Michael Williams (19 persons)
Michael White (19 persons)
William Brown (19 persons)
William Johnson (19 persons)
Richard Johnson (19 persons)
James Martin (19 persons)
David Anderson (18 persons)
Diane Smith (18 persons)
Mary Brown (18 persons)
James Robinson (18 persons)
Robert Williams (18 persons)
Michael Morin (18 persons)
M Johnson (18 persons)