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Notable People from Nebraska Notable Work/Position
Gerald Ford 38th President of the United States (1974 to 1977). Served as Vice President (1973 to 1974) under President Richard Nixon before Nixon’s resignation.
Dick Cheney Former U.S. Secretary of Defense (1989 to 1993). Vice President under George W. Bush (2001 to 2009). Cited as the most powerful Vice President in U.S. history.
Warren Buffett An American business magnate, investor, speaker, and philanthropist. As of 2019, he is the third wealthiest person in the world, and is considered one of the most successful investors in the world.
Malcolm X Was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement.
Marlon Brando Was an American actor and film director with a career spanning 60 years. Widely considered the greatest movie actor of all time.
Paul Williams An American composer and singer-songwriter, known for writing and co-writing popular songs in the 1970s.
Nicholas Sparks An American romance novelist and screenwriter. Several novels have become international bestsellers, and eleven of his romantic-drama novels were adapted to films with multi-million dollar box office grosses.


Searching for Someone in Nebraska

Nebraska is the 37th most populated state in the US. There are about 2 million people and 750,000 households. The average household size is 2.46 members. If you need to find or check out people of Nebraska, you should use White Pages. The service will give you the immediate result.

The predominant race in Nebraska is white, making up 79.0% of the state’s population. The balance of women and men is 50.1% / 49.9%. The average age is 36.5. Omaha is the most populated Nebraska city and there are 466.903 citizens.

There are over 34.3% of people below 25. As for the seniors over 65, they make up 17,6%. The population growth is about 0.6% per year. Labor force is about 1 million workers and their average annual income is $60,000. The highest income growth of the 21st century was between 2016 and 2017. It was 5.35%. According to the data, 89% of Nebraska cities are below 3,000 citizens and several hundreds of cities are below 1,000 citizens. It was the population decrease in 53 of 93 Nebraska counties between 1990 and 2000. The most urbanized areas have a substantial population growth now.


Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of Nebraska Lincoln 5,249 68% 64% Business
University of Nebraska Omaha 3,497 47% 87% Criminal Justice
Bellevue University Bellevue 3,407 17% 100% Business


Nebraska Real Estate

It is possible to check out your future neighbors to know whether it is reasonable to rent or purchase the current home in Nebraska. White Pages will give you the information free.

According to the data, the average home value growth is 1.2% per year. You could purchase a home for $155,800 in 2017, with the median price per square foot at $101. Rent is not very expensive in Nebraska. You will need to pay about $780. The average listing price is $180,000. The most deals are below the price. You can save about $40,000 while negotiating with the seller.

Bennington is the city with the most expensive property in Nebraska. That is about $185,200.


City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Bennington $185,200 $75,667
Gretna $174,400 $76,548
Lincoln $171,300 $56,160
Omaha $157,100 $56,406
Bellevue $140,800 $62,003

Nebraska Facts

  • Official Name: Nebraska

  • Name Meaning: Name is derived from transliteration of the Omaha NiBthaska, meaning “flat water,” after the Platte River that flows through the state.

  • Nickname: Cornhusker State

  • Statehood: March 1, 1867 (37th State)

  • Capital: Lincoln

  • Total Number of Counties: 93

  • Largest City: Omaha

  • Largest County (by population): Douglas

  • Population (as of 2018): 1,929,268

  • History: Many Native American tribes had to leave their homes in the 1860s due to the European explorers’ attacks. As a result, they started to live in reservations. So, explorers could get a lot of territory for agriculture. Really a lot of people moved to Nebraska to get the free land. Nebraska became the 37th US state on March 1, 1867. The state has a powerful agriculture. That is one of the leaders in the production of beef, pork and corn. There are several famous companies including freight transport, manufacturing, and more. Nebraska is the 16th largest US state in size of all states at 77,358 sq. miles, and is 210 miles in width and 430 miles in length.

Fast Facts

  • The oldest producer of beef is located in western Nebraska between the towns of Gordon and Ellsworth. That is the Spade Ranch.

  • Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, Nebraska, is the world’s largest train yard. It is 2.850 acres and its length is 8 miles.

  • The main Nebraska vegetable is corn, that’s why Americans call the state “The Cornhusker’s State”.

  • There are 2 time zones in Nebraska. These are Central Time in the eastern half, and Mountain Time in the western half.

  • Kool-Aid is non-alcohol drink. It was invented by Edwin E. Perkins, in Hastings, Nebraska, in 1927.

  • Boys Town is an orphanage for boys. It was founded on December 12, 1917, by Father Edward Flanigan. Its office is in the Village of Boys Town. The settlement was registered in 1936 and it became the National Historic Landmark on February 4, 1985.

  • Chimney Rock is in western Nebraska area. It served as an important landmark along the south side of the Oregon Trail, and the California Trail during the mid-19th century.

Top Names

Maria Hernandez (28 persons)
Jose Martinez (25 persons)
Michael Smith (24 persons)
Andrew Ross (22 persons)
Scott Johnson (21 persons)
James Miller (20 persons)
Maria Garcia (20 persons)
Michael Johnson (20 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (20 persons)
David Peterson (19 persons)
Michael Miller (19 persons)
Robert Smith (18 persons)
Maria Sanchez (18 persons)
Jennifer Johnson (18 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (18 persons)
David Smith (18 persons)
Gary L Johnson (18 persons)
Larry Johnson (17 persons)
Maria Gonzalez (17 persons)
Robert L Johnson (16 persons)
Jose Hernandez (16 persons)
Mark A Smith (15 persons)
Juan Martinez (15 persons)
Juan Rodriguez (15 persons)
Richard L Johnson (15 persons)
Robert Miller (15 persons)
Robert Brown (15 persons)
Julie A Johnson (15 persons)
Joseph Smith (15 persons)
Barbara J Johnson (15 persons)
Juan Garcia (14 persons)
John Johnson (14 persons)
Jose Perez (14 persons)
Richard D Johnson (14 persons)
David Brown (14 persons)
Mark A Johnson (14 persons)
Patricia A Johnson (14 persons)
Richard Johnson (14 persons)
Linda K Johnson (14 persons)
Mary A Johnson (14 persons)
John Jones (14 persons)
Michael Murphy (14 persons)
Scott Smith (14 persons)
David L Johnson (14 persons)
Michael J Smith (13 persons)
Jessica Johnson (13 persons)
Michael A Smith (13 persons)
Sarah Johnson (13 persons)
Darwin Johnson (13 persons)
John Smith (13 persons)
David Johnson (13 persons)
Robert Johnson (13 persons)
Maria Ramirez (13 persons)
David Anderson (13 persons)
Daniel Smith (13 persons)
Maria Lopez (13 persons)
Brian Johnson (13 persons)
Maria Martinez (13 persons)
James Smith (13 persons)
Maria Perez (13 persons)