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Notable People from New Jersey Notable Work/Position Born
Bruce Springsteen Singer, songwriter, "The Boss" Long Branch, NJ
Philip Roth Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Neward, NJ
Meryl Streep Acclaimed actress with the most Academy Award nominations Summit, NJ
William James "Count" Basie Jazz pianist, composer, Count Basie Orchestra leader Red Bank, NJ
Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th President of the United States (and the only president to serve 2 non-sequential terms) Caldwell, NJ
Michael "Mike" Trout Baseball athlete and highest paid player in 2019 Vineland, NJ
Martha Stewart Founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, a media and merchandise empire based on cooking and entertainment. Jersey City, NJ

Searching for Someone in New Jersey

According to the statistics, New Jersey is 11th the most populated state in the US. There are more than 9 million people and 3.2 million households. The average household size was 2.7 members in 2017. It can be several people while trying to search for someone via White Pages. The service will give you the data about people, who satisfy the demands, and then you should try to find the necessary one by yourself while studying information about age, gender, and demographic. The searching system is simple in use and nobody will know that you checked someone.

The predominant race in New Jersey is white. It is 55% of the total population of the state. The average age is 39.8 and 51.2% are women and 48.8% are men. Newark is the most populated city in New Jersey. There were over 285,000 people in 2018. New Jersey’s economy involves 4.34 million people and their average income is $80,088. The most developed industries of the state are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, information technology, and financial services.

There are a lot of private colleges and institutions and it attracts many people to start living here.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
Rutgers University New Brunswick 12,279 80% 56.9% Psychology / Speech / Biology
Montclair State University Montclair 5,004 65.2% 66.1% Business Admin / Psychology
Rowan University Glassboro 3,339 71% 71% Psychology / Music
Princeton Princeton 1,278 97% 7% Engineering / Social Sciences

New Jersey Real Estate

White Pages lets you check out some property too. It can be necessary for some reasons:

  • to know more about neighbors;

  • to check out owner;

  • to read about fires;

  • to know about barriers for deals.

So, it is convenient and free. Due to White Pages, you will know whether it is necessary to rent or purchase some property in New Jersey.

According to the statistics, home value is increasing in New Jersey. The growth was 2% in 2019 and the average value is $334,900. So, the average price for square feet is $ $192. As for the rent, the average price is $2,000. According to the listing price, home value is about $340,000, but you can deal for $288,700. The data is for 2019.

The highest value is in Jersey City, NJ. The price for the house is about $380,000.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Jersey City $380,000 $100,336
Edison $335,600 $114,568
Lakewood $301,300 $44,708
Elizabeth $263,300 $45,186
Woodbridge $251,200 $80,540
Newark $232,800 $35,167

New Jersey Facts

  • Official Name: New Jersey

  • Name Meaning: New Jersey was named by British colonists after the island of Jersey, situated in the English Channel.

  • Nickname: The Garden State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1787

  • Statehood: December 18, 1787 (3rd State)

  • Capital: Trenton

  • Total Number of Counties: 21

  • Largest City: Newark

  • Largest County (by population): Bergen

  • Population (as of 2018): 8.908 million

  • History: Many Native American tribes lived in the New Jersey area before the arrival of European explorers. It was Dutch and Swedish, who have founded the first settlements here in the beginning of 1600. But later English settlers could conquer the area. The territory was named in honor of the island Jersey in the English Channel. Later New Jersey was a part of 13 colonies, where the American Revolutionary War started. People of New Jersey declared their independence in 1776 and it was the 3rd state, which could join the US on December 18, 1787.

  • The Atlantic City Boardwalk is located in New Jersey and it is the longest in the world. Its distance is about 6 miles. Moreover, the Boardwalk is the oldest in the US.

  • New Jersey is the “Diner Capital”. There are 525 diners and it is more than enough for the population.

  • Sport is rather popular in New Jersey. There were several tournaments. So, the 1st official baseball game in the US was in Hoboken in 1846. The 1st intercollegiate football game was played in 1869 in New Brunswick. The match was between Rutgers and Princeton Universities. The 1st professional basketball match was played in 1896 in Trenton between Trenton YMCA and Brooklyn YMCA.

  • The state is the leader of shopping malls. There are 7 shopping malls for 25 square-mile radius.

  • The Holland Tunnel is the 1st mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel in the world. It was launched in 1927 and it ties New Jersey and New York under the Hudson River.

  • Saltwater taffy was created in Atlantic City in 1883.

  • The game “Monopoly” used the real street names in Atlantic City.

  • The water tower in the Union Watersphere is the highest in the world. It is in Union and it stands 212 feet. 

Top Names

Silva Da (233 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (204 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (170 persons)
John Smith (170 persons)
Maria Garcia (132 persons)
Robert Smith (132 persons)
Jose Martinez (124 persons)
Maria Gonzalez (119 persons)
Maria Lopez (116 persons)
Jose Garcia (116 persons)
Jose Rivera (112 persons)
Jose Gonzalez (110 persons)
Maria Torres (106 persons)
Maria Perez (105 persons)
Maria Martinez (104 persons)
Jose Hernandez (104 persons)
Maria Hernandez (104 persons)
Carlos Rodriguez (104 persons)
Jose Perez (100 persons)
Michael Smith (98 persons)
Carmen Rodriguez (97 persons)
Jose Cruz (93 persons)
Luis Rodriguez (91 persons)
Michael Williams (89 persons)
Maria Sanchez (89 persons)
Maria Cruz (89 persons)
Michael Johnson (88 persons)
William Smith (88 persons)
Un Listed (88 persons)
Maria Rivera (86 persons)
Jose Sanchez (85 persons)
David Smith (85 persons)
Jose Lopez (84 persons)
Jose Diaz (82 persons)
Luis Rivera (82 persons)
Juan Rodriguez (81 persons)
Un List (81 persons)
Maria Reyes (79 persons)
Robert Johnson (79 persons)
Maria Gomez (78 persons)
David Brown (76 persons)
James Smith (76 persons)
David Rodriguez (75 persons)
Patricia A Smith (74 persons)
James Williams (74 persons)
James Johnson (74 persons)
Juan Hernandez (74 persons)
Carlos Gonzalez (74 persons)
Luis Gonzalez (73 persons)
Jose Ortiz (73 persons)
Carmen Rivera (72 persons)
Juan Garcia (72 persons)
Michael Brown (72 persons)
Juan Gonzalez (71 persons)
Maria Santos (71 persons)
Ana Rodriguez (71 persons)
David Miller (70 persons)
Maria Ramirez (69 persons)
David Gonzalez (68 persons)
John Williams (68 persons)