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Notable People from Oregon Notable Work/Position
Tonya Harding Former figure skater, stripped of titles and banned from US Figure Skating after involvement with attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan
Matt Groening Cartoonist, animator, writer, creator of “The Simpsons
Frances Moore Lappé Author of Diet for a Small Planet, researcher on food democracy
Phil Knight Business magnate, co-founder and chairman emeritus of Nike, Inc.
Esperanza Spalding Jazz bassist, singer, Grammy Award winner, musical prodigy
James Beard Chef, author, teacher, television personality
Ann Curry Journalist, winner of three Emmy Awards for television reporting
Jon Krakauer Writer, mountaineer, Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters
Larry Mahan Professional cowboy, bronc and bull rider, 6-time World All-Around Champion
Gus Van Sant Oscar-nominated film director, screenwriter, Cannes Palme d’ Or Winner

Searching for Someone in Oregon

Oregon is the 27th most populated state. There are over 4.19 million people and over 1.5 million households. According to the data, the average household size was 2.5 members in 2017. So, it can be difficult to find someone, but White Pages will help you. Just write down the data you know to get the report. If there are several individuals in the report, you should read their info to find the person you need.

The predominant race in Oregon is white, making up 75.3% of the state’s population. The average age is 38.7, with 50.4% of the total population female. Portland is the most populated city in Oregon. There are over 654,000 citizens.

Labor force is over 1.87 million people. The average household annual income is $60,212. The most developed industries are agriculture, forestry and wood products, fishing, food and beverage, high technology, outdoor gear and apparel, and tourism.


Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
Oregon State University Corvallis 6,837 63.3% 77.5% Computer Science, Public Health
Portland State University Portland 6,601 48.4% 89.4% Psychology, Pub. Health, Business
University of Oregon Eugene 6,571 71.9% 77.9% Business, Journalism, Psychology


Oregon Real Estate

If you are going to move to Oregon, it is better to check out the property. The information will let you understand whether the home is perfect for you whenever you are going to purchase it or rent it. White Pages will let you know more about the owner and the potential neighbors. Just spend some time while getting data about the district.

The annual home value increase is about 3.9% per year. But the rate was 1.6% in 2019. The average home value is $345,800 with the median price per square foot at $221. Rent price is almost equal to the national rate. You can rent a home for $1,795. The average listing price is $389,997, but the median price of homes that sold is $338,200.

The most expensive property is in Portland. That is about $417,900.


City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Portland $417,900 $86,771
Bend $379,900 $52,471
Beaverton $360,900 $57,068
Hillsboro $341,800 $66,668

Oregon Facts

  • Official Name: Oregon

  • Name Meaning: There is no consensus as to the origin of the state name Oregon. The prevailing theory is that the name comes from the French Canadian word “ouragan” which means “storm” or “hurricane.” The Columbia River, the largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean from North American, was referred to as a “river of storms” by Canadian fur traders in the region.

  • Nickname: The Beaver State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1859

  • Statehood: February 14, 1859 (33rd State)

  • Capital: Salem

  • Total Number of Counties: 36

  • Largest City: Portland

  • Largest County (by population): Multnomah County

  • Population (as of 2018): 4,190,713

  • History: Oregon was occupied by many Native American tribes before the European explorers. The first European settlers were from Spain, France and Great Britain. They have arrived in the region as missionaries, fur traders, and farmers. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 it was necessary to know more about other areas. That’s why the US president Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore the western portion of the country. Oregon was officially established in 1848. It was a rather big area that included Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and part of Montana. Later Oregon was separated from the territory and it was admitted as the 33rd state of the Union on February 14, 1859.

  • The only house with the system of self-cleaning is located in Newberg. Frances Gabe, the inventor, was granted a patent in 1984 for her design of a self-washing, rinsing, and drying home.

  • Oregon is the only state with an official nut-the hazelnut (which is also known as a filbert).

  • Oregon was the first state to pass a death with dignity law in 1994. It is a real chance to die fast and easy if you are terminally ill and mentally competent adult.

  • Powell’s Books is the greatest independently owned bookstore in the world. It is located in Portland.

  • The classic movie “Animal House” was filmed at and around University of Oregon in Eugene.

  • Carter Lake is the deepest in the US. It is at 1,949 feet. Scientists believe that it was created by a volcanic eruption. The lake is known for its intense blue color and clarity.

  • There are a lot of bicyclists per capita in Portland. It is the highest rate in the US.

  • Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America (7,993 feet) along the Snake River.

  • The Oregon flag is the only flag with images on front and back.

  • Preserve horse rings (which were used to hitch horses in the past) are still in Portland. It is a tourist attraction now. People tether toy horses around the city and are part of the acclaimed “Portland Horse Project.”

Top Names

Michael Johnson (53 persons)
Michael Smith (53 persons)
David Smith (47 persons)
Ground Proud (44 persons)
David Miller (41 persons)
Robert Smith (39 persons)
John Miller (37 persons)
Jose Lopez (37 persons)
Jose Hernandez (37 persons)
James Smith (36 persons)
Richard Smith (35 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (34 persons)
Robert Johnson (33 persons)
John Smith (33 persons)
Maria Hernandez (32 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (32 persons)
Michael Miller (31 persons)
Jose Martinez (31 persons)
David Johnson (31 persons)
Robert Williams (30 persons)
Maria Lopez (30 persons)
Jose Ramirez (29 persons)
Gary Smith (29 persons)
Michael Brown (29 persons)
Jose Gonzalez (29 persons)
Michael Williams (29 persons)
Maria Garcia (29 persons)
Patricia A Smith (28 persons)
Jason Smith (28 persons)
Juan Hernandez (28 persons)
Maria Martinez (28 persons)
Michael Davis (27 persons)
David A Smith (27 persons)
Jose Garcia (27 persons)
James Brown (27 persons)
Michael Anderson (26 persons)
Jennifer Johnson (26 persons)
John Johnson (26 persons)
Robert L Smith (25 persons)
John Williams (25 persons)
David Brown (25 persons)
James Johnson (24 persons)
David L Smith (24 persons)
Richard Johnson (24 persons)
Steven Smith (24 persons)
David Anderson (24 persons)
Barbara J Jones (23 persons)
Michael A Smith (23 persons)
Robert Jones (23 persons)
James Jones (23 persons)
Jennifer Jones (23 persons)
Michael J Smith (23 persons)
Linda L Johnson (23 persons)
Richard A Smith (23 persons)
David A Johnson (23 persons)
Brian Johnson (23 persons)
Gary Johnson (23 persons)
Robert E Smith (23 persons)
Michael Wilson (22 persons)
Jessica Smith (22 persons)