Pennsylvania is one of the most populated US states. There are over 12 million people and it is the reason for the popularity of searching people from Pennsylvania. It is better to use White Pages service to get data about someone free. The website is easy to use. You can search by name, phone number, zip code or address. According to the population of Pennsylvania, you can get several results. Just read bio to find out the person you need. It is also possible to use a premium account. It lets you fill a phone number and run a background check to get ahold of criminal records, bankruptcies, marriage and divorce history, liens against them, and more.

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Notable People from Pennsylvania Notable Work/Position
Joe Biden Vice President of the United States (2009 to 2017). U.S. Senator from Delaware (1973 to 2009).
Pete Conrad An American NASA Astronaut. During the Apollo 12 mission he became the third man to walk on the moon.
Benjamin Franklin Scientist, diplomat, teacher, and founding father of the U.S. Inventor of the lightning rod, bifocals and Franklin stove.
Andy Warhol An American artist, director and producer who was the leading figure in the visual art movement, known as Pop Art, in the 1960s.
Arnold Palmer An American professional golfer regarded as one of the greatest and most charismatic players in golf history.
Fred Rogers T.V. personality and host of the preschool television series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” (1968 to 2001).
Taylor Swift Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Taylor Swift is the one of the best-selling music artists of all time.
Joe Namath Former American professional football player. Namath was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. He subsequently became a nighclub owner, talk show host, advertising spokesperson and sports broadcaster.

Searching for Someone in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 5th most populated US state and its population is about 13 million people. There are about 5 million households and its average size was 2.47 in 2018. So, if you are going to find or check out someone from Pennsylvania, you have to keep in mind age, gender and other things that could help you identify the person.

The predominant race in Pennsylvania is white. There are 76,5% of white people. The average age is 40.8 and it is a rather high result in compliance with many other states. There are 51% of women and 49% of men. Philadelphia is the most populated city in the state and about 1,6 million people can call it their home.

Persons below 25 make up 30% and over 65 17,7 of the population. The population growth is really slow and it is about 0.5% only. Labor force is 5,8 million people. If Pennsylvania were an independent country, its economy could be 19th in the world. The average household income is $59,195 and annual income growth is about 4%.


Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
Pennsylvania State University State College 13,345 86% 56% Public Research
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 9,843 82% 55% Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 9,053 96% 9% Research


Pennsylvania Real Estate

You can use White Pages to check out some property too. It is a great chance to know what is waiting for you in Pennsylvania. There are some reasons to make check out:

  • to know more about neighbors;

  • to check out owner;

  • to read about fires;

  • to know about barriers for deal.

So, the data could help you know whether it is necessary to purchase some property or it is better to find another variant.

According to the data, annual property value growth is about 4%. The average home price was $181,200 in 2017, with the median price per square foot at $110. Rent is lower than the national level and it is $885 only. Listing price is always higher than real and it is about $220,000. So, you can decrease it up to 30% while negotiating with the owner.

The highest price for property is in West Chester. The average price was $340,000 in 2017.


City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
West Chester $338,800 $55,313
Bethlehem $168,600 $51,880
Philadelphia $166,200 $39,759
Pittsburgh $123,600 $45,851
Lancaster $109,700 $40,805

Pennsylvania Facts

  • Official Name: Pennsylvania

  • Name Meaning: The state’s name means “Penn’s Woodlands.”

  • Nickname: Keystone State or Quaker State

  • Statehood: December 12, 1787 (2nd State)

  • Capital: Harrisburg

  • Total Number of Counties: 67

  • Largest City: Philadelphia

  • Largest County (by population): Philadelphia

  • Population (as of 2018): 12,807,060

  • History: Pennsylvania is one of the first original 13 states on the US territory. It was founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant from King Charles II to William Penn. Moreover, Pennsylvania is the 2nd state to ratify the US Constitution in 1787. Government of the state declared independence in 1776. Pennsylvania was focused on steel production and other forms of industrial manufacturing in the 20th century. According to the data, it is the 5th state by population and 33rd by territory. Its size is over 46,000 sq. miles. Its width is 283 miles and length is 170 miles.

  • The Battle of Gettysburg is the key battle of the Civil War. It was in Philadelphia.

  • Pennsylvania is the only original state without borders with the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The first national zoo was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The founder was Benjamin Franklin.

  • Pennsylvania has developed hunting. There are about 1 million licensed hunters. The state is perfect for wild turkey hunting.

  • The center of the chocolate industry is in Hershey, Pennsylvania. There are several international manufacturers like Mars, Godiva and Wilbur.

  • Pennsylvania ratified the US Constitution on December 12, 1787. It was the 2nd state, which has done it by the moment. Due to the fact that the majority of the population spoke German, the Constitution was also translated in German.

  • The 1st daily newspaper was launched in Philadelphia on September 21, 1784.

  • Piano Forte was the first American piano. It was created by Johann Behrent in Philadelphia in 1775.

Top Names

John Smith (105 persons)
Patricia A Smith (98 persons)
Robert Smith (95 persons)
Michael Miller (89 persons)
Michael Smith (89 persons)
David Miller (86 persons)
Patricia A Miller (75 persons)
David Smith (73 persons)
John Miller (72 persons)
James Smith (71 persons)
Barbara A Miller (70 persons)
James Miller (69 persons)
William Smith (68 persons)
Michael Brown (64 persons)
Robert Miller (64 persons)
Jennifer L Smith (62 persons)
Michael J Smith (59 persons)
Jennifer Smith (58 persons)
Richard Smith (58 persons)
Jennifer Miller (57 persons)
David Brown (56 persons)
Jessica Smith (53 persons)
Carol A Smith (52 persons)
Daniel Smith (52 persons)
David A Smith (52 persons)
Michael Johnson (51 persons)
Robert Brown (51 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (50 persons)
Joseph Smith (50 persons)
Barbara A Smith (50 persons)
Mary A Miller (50 persons)
Carol A Miller (49 persons)
Robert Jones (49 persons)
William Brown (49 persons)
Brian Smith (49 persons)
Michael Williams (49 persons)
Richard Miller (48 persons)
Donna M Smith (48 persons)
Jennifer L Miller (47 persons)
Mary Miller (46 persons)
Mark Smith (46 persons)
James Williams (45 persons)
Brian Miller (45 persons)
Barbara J Smith (45 persons)
Michael Davis (44 persons)
David Johnson (44 persons)
Thomas Smith (44 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (44 persons)
Robert Williams (44 persons)
Michelle Smith (43 persons)
Lisa Smith (42 persons)
Michael A Miller (42 persons)
Amanda Smith (42 persons)
Eric Smith (42 persons)
Mary E Miller (42 persons)
James Brown (41 persons)
Jason Smith (41 persons)
Robert Johnson (41 persons)
David Jones (41 persons)
Linda Miller (41 persons)