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Notable People from South Carolina Notable Work/Position
Strom Thurmond Was an American politician who served for 48 years as a U.S. Senator from South Carolina (served between the years 1933 to 2003).
Andrew Jackson 7th President of the United States (1829 to 1837). Before being elected as President, he was a General in the U.S. Army and served in both houses of Congress.
Viola Davis An American actress and producer. The first black actor to win an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award (known as the Triple Crown of Acting).
Kevin Garnett An American former professional basketball player who played for 21 seasons in the NBA. Considered one of the greatest power forwards of all time.
Jesse Jackson Sr. An American civil rights activist, Baptist Minister, and politician. Candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988.
Craig Melvin An American journalist, working for NBC News and MSNBC as an anchor and news correspondent.
Charles Bolden A former NASA administrator, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Major General, and a former astronaut.

Searching for Someone in South Carolina

South Carolina is the 23rd most populated state in the US. Over 5 million people live here and it is over 1.8 million households. The average household size was 2.54 in 2018. So, if you are going to find someone or check the person out, you can use White Pages. The free service will give you the necessary information.

The predominant race in South Carolina is white, making up 63.6% of the population. The average age is 39.4. Women make up 51.5% and men make up 48.5%. Charleston is the most populated city of South Carolina. There are over 137,000 citizens.

The population of South Carolina is rather young. There are over 31% of people below 25. As for the seniors over 65, they make up 17,2%. The annual population growth is about 1.1%. Labor force is 2.2 million people. Their average annual income is $50,570 and the annual growth is about 2%.

There are a lot of higher learning institutions in South Carolina.  The most famous college is the College of Charleston. It was launched in 1770 and it is the 13th oldest college in the US.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of South Carolina Columbia 8,921 75% 72% Finance
Clemson University Clemson 5,746 82% 47% Business
Trident Technical College Charleston 3,053 21% 100% Humanities

South Carolina Real Estate

White Pages can be used to check out the owner and your future neighbors if you are going to move to South Carolina. It is a good way to get more information and to make a solution to deal or not deal. It is really important to do whenever you want to rent or purchase a home in South Carolina.

According to the statistics, the average annual property price increase is 5%. So, you could purchase a home for $161,000 in 2017, with the median price per square foot at $84. Rent in South Carolina is cheap, you will need to pay about $840. As for the listing price, it is high. So, you will need to pay about $255,000. But it is always possible to decrease it while negotiating with the owner.

Kiawah Island is the city with the most expensive property. So, you can buy a home for 1.38 million USD.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Mount Pleasant $413,600 $90,454
Charleston $286,200 $61,367
Greenville $255,600 $48,984
Summerville $189,400 $57,825
Columbia $168,800 $43,650

South Carolina Facts

  • Official Name: South Carolina

  • Name Meaning: Named in honor of King Charles I of England, who first formed the English Colony, with Carolus being Latin for “Charles.”

  • Nickname: The Palmetto State

  • Statehood: May 23, 1788 (8th State)

  • Capital: Columbia

  • Total Number of Counties: 46

  • Largest City: Charleston

  • Largest County (by population): Greenville

  • Population (as of 2018): 5,084,127

  • History: English king Charles I solved to establish the Province of Carolina in 1639. It was the area of South and North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Just in 1729 South Carolina and North Carolina were separated. The economic growth of South Carolina was explained by the fertile land, harbors, and trade in deerskin, lumber and beef. It was one of the richest of the Thirteen Colonies in the 1700s. It was May 1788, when South Carolina ratified the U.S. Constitution, becoming the 8th state to join the Union. Textile industry was highly developed In South Carolina in the 20th century. Moreover, the state government solved to grow more profitable crops too. Tourism was also an important part of budget income. There are a lot of resorts on the coastline. That is the 40th largest US state and it is 32,030 sq. miles, and is 200 miles in width and 260 miles in length.

Fast Facts

  • Myrtle Beach is on the beach of South Carolina. It is the best resort in the state. It was necessary to spend 25 years to get the award.

  • The Riverbanks Zoological Park in Columbia, South Carolina is home for more than 2,000 animals. They live here without any barriers.

  • The least city in North Carolina is Smyrna. It was founded in 1895. According to the statistics, it is 0.7 sq. miles only. There were 55 citizens in 2018.

  • There are over 4,000 rhesus monkeys on Morgan Island, South Carolina (also called Monkey Island). Tourists can’t visit the island, it is possible to do if you are a scientist and you need to go there for research purposes.

  • There are no professional sports teams in South Carolina. However, South Carolina has a number of NCAA Division I college sports teams to support.

  • Peaches are the most popular commercial fruit crop in South Carolina. There are over 40 varieties of the fruit. The state supplies more peaches than Georgia (known as “The Peach State”). The fruit became popular since 2000.

  • 1/3 of the American Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783) battles were in the area of South Carolina. 

Top Names

James Smith (108 persons)
Michael Smith (106 persons)
James Williams (96 persons)
David Smith (92 persons)
Michael Johnson (89 persons)
David Johnson (83 persons)
Michael Brown (82 persons)
William Smith (82 persons)
James Brown (78 persons)
John Smith (76 persons)
David Williams (75 persons)
Robert Brown (75 persons)
James Johnson (75 persons)
Mary Smith (71 persons)
Jennifer Smith (68 persons)
Donald R Weaver (65 persons)
Michael Williams (65 persons)
William Johnson (65 persons)
David Jones (64 persons)
Robert Johnson (64 persons)
Robert Smith (63 persons)
David Brown (62 persons)
Mary Johnson (62 persons)
Mary Brown (61 persons)
Robert Williams (59 persons)
Patricia Johnson (59 persons)
Jessica Smith (58 persons)
James Moore (58 persons)
Michael Jones (58 persons)
Mary Williams (57 persons)
John Williams (57 persons)
Charles Smith (54 persons)
Barbara Smith (51 persons)
James Davis (50 persons)
Lisa Smith (50 persons)
Ashley Smith (49 persons)
Elizabeth Smith (49 persons)
Larry Smith (49 persons)
Richard Smith (48 persons)
Charles Brown (48 persons)
Robert Jones (48 persons)
William Brown (47 persons)
Charles Williams (47 persons)
Melissa Smith (47 persons)
Michael Davis (47 persons)
Gregory Cook (47 persons)
Linda Johnson (46 persons)
Michael Miller (46 persons)
Robert Davis (46 persons)
Linda Brown (45 persons)
Kevin Smith (45 persons)
John Johnson (45 persons)
Linda Smith (45 persons)
James Jackson (45 persons)
Mary A Smith (45 persons)
Lisa Williams (45 persons)
Thomas Brown (45 persons)
Ann Smith (45 persons)
James Jones (45 persons)
James Robinson (45 persons)