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Notable People from South Dakota Notable Work/Position
Shawn Colvin Singer, songwriter, Grammy Award winner
George McGovern U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, Democratic Party Presidential candidate in 1972
Martha Jane Canary “Calamity Jane” U.S. Army Scout, frontierswoman, performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in 1893
Robert “Bob” Barker Television host of The Price is Right, longest running game show
Russell Means Oglala Lakota activist, politician, writer
Korczak Ziolkowski Designer and sculptor of the Crazy Horse Memorial
Thomas “Tom” Brokaw Television journalist and news anchor, author, Emmy Award and Peabody Award winner
Maria Pearson “Running Moccasins” Dakota activist, known as “The Founding Mother of the modern Indian repatriation movement“ for her protection of Native Indian graves and human remains

Searching for Someone in South Dakota

South Dakota is the 47th most populated state in the U.S. its total population is about 883,000 people and there are about 340,000 households. The average household size was 2.4 members in 2017. If you need to find someone in South Dakota, it is better to use White Pages. The service can be used free, but you should pay some money to get the detailed information.

The predominant race in South Dakota is white, making up 81.4% of the state’s population. The average age is 36.9, with 49.5% of the total population female. Sioux Falls is the most populated city in South Dakota. There are 187,200 citizens.

Labor force is 421,000 people and their average annual income is $56,521. The most developed economic sectors are agriculture (livestock and crops), manufacturing, mining, gaming, and tourism.


Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
South Dakota State Univ. Brookings 2,652 53.5% 90.8% Health, Agriculture, Engineering
Univ. of South Dakota Vermillion 2,224 54.4% 88.1% Nursing, Business, Education
Southeast Technical Instit. Sioux Falls 888 44.5% 100.1% Business, Nursing, Technology

South Dakota Real Estate

You can use White Pages to know more about the South Dakota Property. There are some reasons to make check out:

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The average home value increasing is 5% per year but it was 3% increasing in 2019. The average home value is $190,100 with the median price per square foot at $169. The average rent is $1,135. As for the listing price, it is about $225,000.

The most expensive property is in Spearfish. You can purchase a home for $364,417.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Spearfish $364,417 $43,692
Watertown $315,467 $48,485
Rapid City $312,896 $48,895
Sioux Falls $292,300 $56,714

South Dakota Facts

  • Official Name: South Dakota

  • Name Meaning: Dakota is the name of the Sioux tribe who lived in the region (present-day North Dakota and South Dakota were one territory until 1889). The word Dakota is Sioux for “friend” or “ally.”

  • Nickname: The Mount Rushmore State

  • Constitution Ratified: 1889

  • Statehood: November 2, 1889 (40th State)

  • Capital: Pierre

  • Total Number of Counties: 66

  • Largest City: Sioux Falls

  • Largest County (by population): Minnehaha County

  • Population (as of 2018): 882,235

  • History: There were a lot of Native American tribes in the area of South Dakota. The first European explorers were French. They have founded fur trading posts with the Native Indians in the mid-1700s. The Purchasing Treaty on Louisiana between France and the US let Americans get a significant amount of land west of the Mississippi. South Dakota, North Dakota, and parts of Montana and Wyoming were designated the U.S. Dakota Territory in 1861. Both: South and North Dakota were admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889. There is no any proves to understand what document was signed first. That’s why North Dakota is the 39th US state and South Dakota is the 40th US state by alphabetical default.

  • The Crazy Horse Memorial should be the largest mountain carving in the world after its construction. The sculpture depicts the Lakota Chief astride his horse. 

  • There is the famous 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis. Many people move here in August to see the Rally.

  • The Sioux Nation consists of three tribal divisions-the Dakota (eastern), the Lakota (western), and the Nakota (middle).

  • The Corn Palace is the only building in the world. It is located in Mitchell, South Dakota.

  • There is the Mashed Potato Wrestling Contest as part of its annual Potato Days celebration in Clark.

  • Lemmon is the largest petrified wood park in the world. You can see the fossilized remains of life from 50 million years ago.

  • The Badlands National Park and the Wind Cave National Park are the areas to restore the population of the black-footed ferret. It is the most endangered land mammal in North America.

  • One of the largest and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever found near the Badlands in 1990. Americans call it Sue(named for Sue Hendrickson, archeologist, who discovered the fossil) 

Top Names

Jennifer Johnson (15 persons)
David L Johnson (14 persons)
Eric Johnson (14 persons)
David Smith (13 persons)
James Anderson (13 persons)
Larry Johnson (12 persons)
Robert Johnson (12 persons)
Scott Johnson (12 persons)
David Johnson (12 persons)
Lisa M Johnson (12 persons)
Michael Johnson (11 persons)
Ashley Johnson (11 persons)
Amy Johnson (11 persons)
Wayne Johnson (10 persons)
Julie A Johnson (10 persons)
Brian Smith (10 persons)
Chad Johnson (10 persons)
Patricia A Johnson (10 persons)
Michael Smith (10 persons)
Dan Johnson (10 persons)
Terry L Nelson (10 persons)
David Miller (10 persons)
David A Johnson (10 persons)
Mark A Johnson (10 persons)
Mark Johnson (10 persons)
Lisa Johnson (10 persons)
Robert W Johnson (9 persons)
James A Anderson (9 persons)
Susan M Johnson (9 persons)
Carol Johnson (9 persons)
Robert Smith (9 persons)
Donald L Donald Jr. (9 persons)
Robert L Johnson (9 persons)
David A Anderson (9 persons)
Jessica Johnson (9 persons)
Jennifer L Johnson (9 persons)
Michael Miller (9 persons)
David Nelson (9 persons)
Aaron Johnson (9 persons)
Melissa Johnson (9 persons)
Julie Smith (9 persons)
Heather Johnson (9 persons)
Sarah Johnson (9 persons)
Paul Johnson (9 persons)
Eric Anderson (8 persons)
Carol A Johnson (8 persons)
Robert Miller (8 persons)
Paul Smith (8 persons)
Donna M Johnson (8 persons)
Michelle Johnson (8 persons)
David Olson (8 persons)
Mike Johnson (8 persons)
John Johnson (8 persons)
Jeff Jensen (8 persons)
Michael Peterson (8 persons)
Jason Johnson (8 persons)
Jeff Anderson (8 persons)
Brian D Johnson (8 persons)
Matt Johnson (8 persons)
Michael J Smith (8 persons)