The service Whochs background checks lets you find people in Texas easily. It is absolutely free. You have to know some information to find the person. Just use name, phone number, zip code or address to get the result. There are some services for the fee. So, you can get the information about phone numbers and run a background check to get ahold of criminal records, bankruptcies, marriage and divorce history, liens against them, and more.

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While using White Pages, you will get the accurate data due to the fact that the service uses information from different sources. It includes:

  • court records;

  • birth certificates;

  • marriage certificates;

  • death certificates;

  • criminal records;

  • licensing information;

  • voting records;

  • historical data;

  • real estate transactions and deeds;

  • census bureau data.

It is absolutely lawful to get the data and you won’t need to ask for a private investigator to find the information about someone.

Notable People from Texas Notable Work/Position
Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th President of the United States (1953 to 1961)
Lyndon B. Johnson 37th Vice President of the United States (1961 to 1963)
36th President of the United States (1963 to 1969)
George H.W. Bush 43rd Vice President of the United States (1981 to 1989)
41st President of the United States (1989 to 1993)
George Walker Bush Former Governor of Texas (1995 to 2000). Son of former President George H.W. Bush. 43rd President of the United States (2001 to 2009)
Sandra Day O’Connor Retired Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1981 To 2006). First woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court
Howard Hughes Entrepreneur, Aerospace Engineer, Filmmaker, Inventor and Aviator
Kelly Clarkson Singer and songwriter. Winner of 1st season of American Idol. She has sold over 25 million albums and 45 million singles.
George Foreman An American two-time heavyweight champion boxer and entrepreneur
William Ben Hogan An American professional golfer who is considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

Searching for Someone in Texas

According to the statistics, Texas is the 2nd most populated state in the US. Its total population is more than 28 million people. There are about 9.5 million households. The data of 2018 marks that the average household size is 2.84. If you need to find someone in Texas while using White Pages, it is necessary to keep into account age, gender, and demographic and so on.

White people take about 42% of all the Texas population. There are 50.3% of women and 49.7% of men and their average age is 34.7. Houston is the most populated city in the American state. Its population was about 2,100,000 people in 2018.

Young people below 25 make up 35.5% of the Texas population and people above 65 make up 12.2% only. It’s rather a young state and its population has sustainable growth. Many students prefer Houston colleges and they stay here after graduating. The state has a developed and diversified economy and high tech industry due to the investments. According to the data, the median annual household income could grow up to 4.67% in 2016-2017. It was $59,206.

Top 3 Schools City # of Graduates Graduation Rate Acceptance Rate Most Popular Degrees
University of Texas Austin 17,181 81% 40% Engineering
Texas A & M University College Station 15,532 79% 67% Agricultural
University of Texas at Arlington Arlington 11,829 42% 70% Research

To find people in Texas with Whochs White Pages you need to write down the data you need. There is a chance to find several people, that’s why you will need to read their bio to find out the necessary person.

Texas Real Estate

White Pages is a service, which lets you find both: people and property. So, it is necessary to write down the address to get data. It’s a great chance to know more about the object you are interested in. Thanks to the White Pages you will find data:

  • about neighbors;

  • about owner;

  • about fires;

  • about barriers for a deal.

The property price is always growing in Texas. It was $172,200 in 2017 and the median price per square foot is $111. As for the rent, the average price is $952. So, it is lower than the national price and the fact attracts many people to live in Texas. Listing price for homes statewide is about $280,000 and most deals follow the listing price. The highest price is in Austin and it was about$333,000 in 2017.

City Avg. Home Value Avg. Household Income
Austin $332,700 $67,755
Dallas $190,600 $50,627
Houston $173,600 $50,896
Fort Worth $169,400 $60,205
San Antonio $148,200 $50,044

Texas Facts

  • Official Name: Texas

  • Name Meaning: Named from the word taysha, which means “friends” in the Caddo language

  • Nickname: The Lone Star State

  • Statehood: December 29, 1845 (28th State)

  • Capital: Austin

  • Total Number of Counties: 254 (More than any other state)

  • Largest City: Houston

  • Largest County (by population): Harris

  • Population (according to 2018): 28,701,845

  • History: Texas was ruled by different nations at different times. The first European Nation to claim Texas was Spain. France could control Texas territory just for several years and then Mexico could take the area until 1836. It became part of the US in 1845 and it was the 28th state. Not Texas is the 2nd largest and most populated state according to the data of 2018. Its width is 773 miles and the length is 790 miles. The square is 28,581 square miles.

  • Due to the location in the south central part of the US the weather is very different. Moreover, Texas suffers from Tornado often than other US states.

  • Three borders are defined by the rivers and the southeast part of Texas wraps around the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The economic boom started on January 10, 1901. It is time to find oil in Texas in Beaumont. There is sustainable economic growth and it is still going on.

  • According to the data, Texas is the 2nd in the list of the most Fortune 500 companies with 54 organizations in the list.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the 2nd largest airport in the US and 4th largest in the world.

  • Sport is developed in Texas. There are several professional teams, including the NFL, baseball, NBA and NHL. Almost every college has its own sport team in one of the sports.

  • Collegiate athletics is really important in Texas culture. Its role is the greatest in football.

  • Texas culture is different. There are southern (dixie), western (frontier), and southwestern (Mexican) influences.

  • There are a lot of music venues in Austin. The city is the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Its amount per capita is more than in Nashville, Memphis, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City.

  • Houston, Texas, is the most populated city in the state and it is the 4th most populated city in the US.

  • Houston, Texas, is the most racially and ethnically diverse major metropolitan area in the US.

Top Names

Maria Martinez (664 persons)
Maria Rodriguez (656 persons)
Maria Hernandez (651 persons)
Jose Hernandez (611 persons)
Maria Garcia (603 persons)
Jose Rodriguez (576 persons)
Jose Martinez (561 persons)
Jose Garcia (516 persons)
Juan Garcia (477 persons)
Maria Lopez (477 persons)
Maria Gonzalez (465 persons)
Juan Rodriguez (448 persons)
Juan Hernandez (437 persons)
Juan Martinez (434 persons)
Garza Dela (430 persons)
Rosa Dela (379 persons)
Maria Perez (375 persons)
Jose Gonzalez (372 persons)
Maria Ramirez (372 persons)
Jose Lopez (353 persons)
Maria Sanchez (349 persons)
Jose Ramirez (341 persons)
Jose Perez (341 persons)
Maria Torres (325 persons)
Jose Sanchez (325 persons)
Cruz Dela (325 persons)
Michael Smith (306 persons)
Juan Gonzalez (297 persons)
David Garcia (297 persons)
Jesus Garcia (294 persons)
Juan Lopez (290 persons)
David Rodriguez (280 persons)
Jesus Martinez (276 persons)
Maria Flores (270 persons)
Daniel Garcia (268 persons)
Jesus Rodriguez (259 persons)
Jesus Gonzalez (256 persons)
Juan Perez (254 persons)
Jose Torres (246 persons)
Jose Flores (246 persons)
Juan Sanchez (243 persons)
David Martinez (241 persons)
John Smith (241 persons)
Juan Ramirez (237 persons)
David Smith (236 persons)
Ricardo Rodriguez (232 persons)
Veronica Garcia (232 persons)
David Hernandez (232 persons)
Maria Reyes (231 persons)
Jesus Hernandez (226 persons)
Daniel Martinez (223 persons)
James Smith (220 persons)
Carlos Rodriguez (217 persons)
Maria Garza (214 persons)
Daniel Rodriguez (211 persons)
Maria Castillo (210 persons)
Veronica Rodriguez (210 persons)
Carlos Garcia (205 persons)
Michael Williams (204 persons)
Juan Flores (202 persons)