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Find People. Reverse Address Lookup

More recently, it was believed that it was almost impossible to find information about the inhabitants of a house with only one address. Despite the fact that in phone books addresses were indicated next to names and phone numbers, the catalogs were organized by last name or company name, and it was simply impossible to link the physical address of residence to the name.

A reverse address lookup is the process of finding information about current residents, former residents, or homeowners using a specific postal address.

How Do Reverse Address Lookup Works?

First, you need to find the appropriate address lookup service. There are many similar services on the Internet and they are all similar in their basic principles of operation. Enter the complete address in the appropriate fields on the search page, including house number, street name, zip code, and city name.

What Information Does a Reverse Address Lookup Provide?

By using reverse search online, you get a complete history of addresses, which consists of information obtained from public records. Most of the popular search services on the Internet will provide you with the following information about the people living at a given address:

  • Full name;

  • Telephone number;

  • Age;

  • Names of relatives;

  • Criminal records;

  • Previous residential addresses;

  • Social media profiles;

  • Physical information about the building, in particular:

    • Area;

    • Number of bathrooms;

    • Number of bedrooms;

    • Estimated cost of the house;

    • City code;

    • Year of construction of the building.

With just one address, you can get a huge amount of information — this can often be an effective tool for inquiring about your employees or clients.

Thanks to reverse search, people can find long-lost friends and relatives. Along with the progress of information technology, the effectiveness of search services is also growing. Having only one name, phone number or address of a person, you can find enough information about him to compose a complete axis. In particular, this is required for large companies that verify employee information. They use personal contacts in law enforcement or specialized agencies to clarify information about new candidates for the position. They may be interested not only in references from the previous place of work, but also in the employee's reputation, credit history, property and bank records. 

Why is a Reverse Address Lookup Used?

In most cases, finding people by address is a standard procedure, for example, when checking the background information of a new employee. In addition, reverse lookup by address is performed in the following cases:

  • Checking for new neighbors. Many people, getting to know their neighbors, may wonder where they lived before. To this end, they can use the data on the past address of new neighbors to find information about their past;

  • Search for people in connection with the event.If you have a wedding or birthday soon, and you want to find your old friends or relatives, feel free to use the address search. A reverse address lookup will help you connect with old acquaintances and ensure that the addresses associated with these people are still correct;

  • Find out more about the home you are planning to buy. If you are looking to buy a new home and are passing a “for sale” sign, it is likely that you will want to know more details about the property's past. Many reverse address lookup tools can provide you with all the biographical and technical information you need about the property you are interested in;

  • Search for people for the election campaign. Often, the local election campaign budget may not be enough to attract people through social media or to advertise on a website on the Internet. In this case, the best option would be to contact special services that will help create a database for crawling people using a reverse address search.