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What is Background Check

Modern norms of corporate ethics and culture require the most responsible attitude to the correct performance of official duties. High-profile companies keep a close eye on adherence to work schedules and employee productivity. Upon hiring, the HR department must verify all facts about the applicant's reputation and past employment success. In particular, managers are interested in past relationships, the level of productivity of working hours, and trusting relationships with managers.

Even during the interview stage, HR managers may request a background check of the applicant. Such checks are called background search and can affect not only basic information from past places of employment, but also personal data. Particularly, representatives of large companies, especially in the west and far east, may use reverse search online in the family relationship of the new employee, reputation and relationships with management in past jobs, and even personal aspects such as hobbies and sports that their new programmer or sales manager. 

Which Facts Includes Background Search

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the heads of large, presentable companies are interested in the basic facts from past jobs — reverse search provides facts about reputation in the team, the availability of recommendations and distinctions, the productivity of working hours. Nevertheless, when hiring for a managerial position or for a place with a high level of responsibility, managers are interested in the following information about the applicant: 

  • Professional duties in the previous place of work and the success of their implementation. A key characteristic of interest to almost all employers. Larger and more presentable companies use the background search to find detailed information about new applicants. Through a detailed search, employers can find out the productivity of a new employee's working hours, take into account his professional skills and find out about the undisclosed talents of the applicant; 

  • The reputation and character of the applicant. Many large companies are even interested in such aspects of the personality of a new employee as conflict character and sociability. For a productive work, say, a sales department, a synergistic and well-coordinated work of the team is required, which is impossible in the event of a conflict newcomer arriving; 

  • Personal data about the newbie. Leaders of large companies are interested in the image of newcomers, in particular — preference is given to those employees who have a family, their own real estate and a stable life, including vacation, medical insurance (which, most often, is issued already at the place of work, but the past aspects of social security are also important ). If a new employee is not shy about facts about his personal life, actively maintains social networks and generally shows himself as a responsible and mature person, the background check will provide facts about him as a preferred candidate for this position.

How the Background Search is Performed

   Most high-profile companies have their own resources for finding biographical information about job seekers. In particular, most managers of large companies have at their disposal a wide staff of professional HR-specialists who will be able to find the required data about the next employee in the shortest possible time. Experienced HR managers are able to dig up enough information about an employee, including personal information and data from social networks, within a few hours.

Companies often resort to the help of specialized lookup service agencies that search for information and people in general. Thanks to the presence of their own databases, such firms can, within a few minutes, at most hours, find all the information the client needs about his new applicant. Professionalism and access to paid information resources provides wide access to the personal information of a new employee, who may hide certain facts about his personality or family.

Also, many executives of large companies don’t hesitate to use personal connections in law offices or law enforcement agencies to use public records search to find relevant data on newcomers. Due to the ability to use almost all possible resources to find people, such a subject search provides a wide range of data when requesting information about a new employee of the company. 


Background search is a great chance to find out information about a new employee and keep the company in the same working rhythm that makes a profit. The opportunity to find information from the life of a newly arrived employee provides an excellent opportunity to select the best candidates from applicants for this position. Wide opportunities for personal search, provided by technical progress and the capabilities of large companies, guarantee synergy in the team and well-coordinated work of all departments, regardless of the number of newcomers who are just getting used to the workplace.