How to Track a Phone Number

    Finding a person, having only his phone number, is really possible even for ordinary citizens. What technologies? 

  • Most mobile operators offer a geo-search function;

  • There are a number of mobile applications that allow you to find a person or device using a phone number;

  • Some online services provide the ability to track a person's location;

  • Often the device search function is in the mobile devices themselves.

Legal and Illegal Ways

To begin with, let's pay attention to scammers and their websites, who claim that they are ready to find a person by phone number for a certain fee. On YouTube, for example, there are dozens of videos where they tell how you can easily and simply track the movement of the right person. The link under the video may point to a website where it is suggested to purchase useless software. More importantly, for the use of such illegal programs, you can incur criminal or administrative responsibility.

As a last resort, you can use specialized agencies for the search for people — they have a sufficient arsenal of tools to accurately and quickly find people. In particular, for a fee, they can use contacts with law enforcement agencies or banks. Bank subscribers leave a lot of personal information when registering an account. Detective agencies and premium online services can even afford to use illegal search tools - for example, dark no or other networks. This requires a separate fee, however, it promises a guaranteed result.

Also, don't neglect the more traditional search options. If the reason is serious, for example, a relative or close friend has disappeared, then you should contact the law enforcement agencies — this is a priori the best option from the presented ones. If you are just looking for a friend or gathering guests for a wedding, then use the services of one of the most widespread search services in the world network. They can be paid and free - both are quite effective, but paid ones use purchased databases of telephone subscribers or databases collected on the Internet from social networks.

Geolocation Services of Mobile Operators

Leading mobile operators provide geolocation reverse search online services to their customers. It can be automatically included in the tariff or require a separate connection through the operator or in your personal account. The principle of operation is the same for all companies and is based on the LCDS platform. This option works subject to the consent of the subscriber. Let's take a quick look at the functions that various operators offer.

Free Apps to Locate a Child or Other Person

In GooglePlay and AppStore, you can find a huge variety of lookup service apps by mobile number and phone location. Some are equipped with the ability to intercept incoming and outgoing information (calls, SMS messages, files, videos and photos).

Be careful not to run into scammers. Read reviews.

Tracking by IMEI

Each gadget is initially assigned an IMEI number (international mobile equipment identifier). When you first connect to a mobile network, this number is automatically recorded in the database. This code can be found: under the battery, in the warranty card, on the original box, by entering a special combination of symbols and numbers on the device.

Online Services

Phone number reverse search services are convenient in that they do not need to be downloaded; they are often simple and easy to use. However, there are often fraudulent sites that do not actually work or use illegally obtained information. Be careful!

Services and applications that track the location of a person by phone differ in their functionality and functionality. There are paid and free options. It is more convenient for some users to use the services of mobile network operators, while others — to install a separate application on their device. The main thing to remember is that you can legally follow a person only with the consent of the subscriber.